Carl : Male One of the sexiest dudes to hit the dancepad.. that's Carl! hahahaha...Joanne's bestbud and dancing partner.. He is also one of the MAX afficionados...DDR freestyler.. sometimes you could see him using his hands, elbows and knees in dancing.. hahaha!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carlo : Male Silent, a proud tekkenite and an unorthodox dancer of unorthodox songs.. hahahaha!! Seen only during in the afternoon because he is so studious.. Does he even study? kidding.. hahahaha! Note: "a quantumer charged of something is crushing on him.." Note2: "I'm making this all up so that someone would comment on it.." hahahaha!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claudine : Male Admit it.. clauds and her twin sister sandra really look so much alike! i often mistake the other for the other.. hahahaha!! Adored by John G. she couldn't ask for more right? hahahaha.. she's one lucky chic.. Blessed with cheeky smiles that often make people laugh er.. i mean.. smile too.. hahaha.. she's so mabaiiiiiiiiiit!! =) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cliff : Male a.k.a. Clifford Santos he is hansome guy . he enjoyin player of DDR . usualy he is Silent and kind and enjoy own life . also usualy see him from 6pm onwards.. hahaha!! Freestyle dancer and friend.. kiddin.. hehe.. he's got moves that make ladies fall for him.. hahaha.. still he studying in SLU .. i know he's a great dude.. hehehe.. =)